Assisted Living vs Long Term Care

Assisted Living vs. Long Term Care

Assisted Living is a housing plus health option for individuals who need a little extra help. It includes affordable rental accommodation, hospitality services, as well as personal care services to individuals in need. Subsidized Assisted Living (accessed through the health authority) is primarily intended for seniors and those with physical disabilities. If you are living alone, isolated, and need help with meals and personal care, this may be an option for you. The subsidized rate for Assisted Living is 70% of After Tax Income (Taxable Income after deducting tax paid, the Universal Child Care Benefit and RDSP deductions). To read more about Assisted Living in the Vancouver Coastal Health area visit this site:

If you need more help than is available under the Assisted Living program then the case would be escalated to Long Term or Residential Care. The calculation of the subsidized Residential Care rate is 80% of the After Tax Income unless the After Tax Income is less than $16,500. If this is the case, the resident is allowed to keep $3,300 a year for their own expenses.

See: for the current paperwork that is completed when applying for subsidized Assisted Living and / Residential Care.

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